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Unveiling the True Story of Business Success: Tracy Jepson's Entrepreneurial Journey

In honor of Women's History Month, Behind the Spotlight Podcast is featuring trailblazers who are doing BIG things in their communities and businesses.

Tracy Jepson, an entrepreneur with 20 years of expertise in small business consulting, coaching, and advisory. Having multiple successful businesses ranging from bookkeeping, a dive shop to a wellness studio, Tracy shares her journey of overcoming burnout and creating multiple thriving businesses. Jepson discusses how she found peace underwater with scuba diving, how she overcame obstacles, the importance of work-life balance, and how her passion for wellness led to the birth of her wellness studio.

She provides practical advice on pricing services, hiring practices, investing in oneself and understanding the value of the services offered. The conversation also dives into the importance of having a support system and how she tackles new businesses with a systematic, yet flexible, approach.

Topics such as hiring the right team, the art of pricing services, overcoming money trauma, seeking continuous learning, and maintaining a positive business mindset are discussed. Emphasizing the value of networking and investing time into the business process, Tracy encourages entrepreneurs to ask questions and be willing to make strategic decisions for the growth and success of their businesses.

Here's a recap of this episode:

02:25 Meet Tracy Jepson: The Powerhouse Woman with Multiple Businesses

06:59 The Art of Collecting Businesses: From Scuba Diving to Wellness

13:21 Overcoming Debt and Building a Successful Business

16:35 The Journey to Wellness: From Personal Transformation to Business Creation

18:39 The Importance of Teamwork in Running Multiple Businesses

20:42 Hiring and Managing Teams Across Different Businesses

26:10 Join the Insider Community Circle

26:58 Overcoming the Poverty Mindset

28:09 Understanding Your Value Through Pricing

28:18 The Impact of Money Trauma

29:58 The Importance of Knowing Your Living Budget

34:30 The Power of Investing in Yourself

38:11 The Importance of Hiring Sooner

43:44 The Value of Turning Down Clients

47:09 The Power of Intentionality

48:40 Closing Thoughts and Reflections

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