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Success, Entrepreneurship, and Balance with Del-Metrius Herron

Women On The Rise
Episode 3: December 20, 2023
In this episode Del-Metrius Herron shares powerful and strategic insights on how to achieve personal and professional success, while finding harmony and peace through it all.

Del-Metrius, a highly successful realtor and owner of Del-Metrius Herron and Associates, KW One Legacy Partners LLC shares valuable insights into her journey of being a female entrepreneur. Del-Metrius dives into her personal life and real-life situations where entrepreneurship played an immeasurable role and brought significant growth in her life.

Del-Metrius gives enlightening advice about making decisions for a profitable future and maintaining harmony at work and in personal life. That's not all though, Del-Metrius expresses how stepping back to reflect and re-evaluate can aid in achieving a strategic path for mindful success.

Here's a glance at the episode:

01:13 The Journey of a Female Entrepreneur
03:46 Reflecting on the Past Years in Business
08:36 The Importance of Decision Making in Business
12:38 Investing in Self-Education and Mentorship
19:09 The Power of Taking Risks and Making Investments
21:50 The Role of Personal Growth in Entrepreneurship
29:09 The Desire for Success and Freedom
30:56 Teaching Kids About Money
31:15 The Importance of Wise Spending
32:13 Understanding Different Life Roles
32:53 Choosing Your Circle Wisely
33:30 Letting Go of Toxic Relationships
34:33 The Power of Friendship
35:23 The Challenges of Being Entrepreneurs Together
36:03 Maintaining Work-Life Harmony
37:02 The Importance of Celebrating Achievements
37:54 The Dynamics of Entrepreneurship in a Relationship
46:38 The Importance of Unified Vision in a Relationship
52:37 Understanding Yourself Beyond Titles

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