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Sarah Hopkins Journey: From Surviving to Thriving

Women On The Rise Series

Episode 7: January 17, 2024

In this podcast episode, Sarah Hopkins, extensively shares her journey navigating us through past experiences and present awakenings.

Sarah discusses growing up around drugs and poverty, navigating an abusive relationship for over 12 years, and wrestling with the painful decision to leave.

Irrespective of her past, she has moved forward by managing to stay connected with friends and finding Faith and redemption by developing a relationship with God.

Sarah also reveals her current venture with her husband into entrepreneurship while reflecting on how her life's challenges have formed her into the woman she is today.

Sarah shares a heartfelt display of vulnerability she aims to inspire others with by showing that thriving is possible, and she emphasizes the importance of being loved correctly and how a relationship with God has made that possible for her.

Here's a recap of the episode:

03:23 The Story of Sarah: From Surviving to Thriving
04:08 The Perception of Sarah
04:44 Sarah's Early Life and Family Background
05:29 The Impact of Parental Divorce and Stepdad's Influence
06:33 Sarah's Journey Through Poverty
08:53 The Struggles of Starting a Business
09:38 Sarah's Encounter with God
10:09 The Struggles of an Abusive Relationship
11:51 The Turning Point: Leaving the Abusive Relationship
16:26 The Journey to Finding Love and God
19:21 The Impact of Past Relationships on Current Life
20:17 The Power of Forgiveness and Moving On
23:21 The Final Breakup and Moving Forward
24:38 Discussing Toxic Relationships
25:10 The Turning Point: Leaving the Toxic Relationship
26:28 Moving Forward: Life After the Breakup
28:27 Finding Strength in Faith
31:03 The Power of Prayer and Patience
34:24 The Journey of Self-Discovery and Growth
38:44 Embracing Love and Family
41:12 The Entrepreneurial Journey
46:44 Reflections and Advice for Women in Similar Situations

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