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Overcoming Procrastination and Embracing Imperfection

On this week's Mindset Monday, I share a current struggle with procrastination, especially as a perfectionist.

I get pretty open and deep with you. I share my personal journey of transitioning through different stages in life and realization that excellence does not require perfection.

I am a huge advocate for the importance of making decisions and making adjustments as necessary, without fear of making mistakes. I also speak about the significance of creating something functional first before worrying about making it 'fancy'.

I provide you tangible tips and encouragement for listeners to overcome procrastination and the fear of imperfection while emphasizing that everyone is still figuring things out and reminding listeners of God's provision. Enjoy!

Here's a recap of the Episode:

00:01 Introduction and Opening Prayer

01:37 Welcome to Mindset Monday

02:53 The Struggle with Procrastination

05:43 The Journey of Creating a Digital Course

16:28 Overcoming Procrastination: Practical Tips

21:54 Finding Strength in Faith

25:34 Conclusion: Encouragement for the Journey



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