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Mindset Monday: How to Identify Your Word, Phrase for the year

January 1, 2024

2024 has arrived and with it, the time to reboot, reset, and reclaim. As we step into another trip around the sun, many of us are pausing to reflect, set new goals and intentions for the year ahead. If you too are surfing this wave of change, I invite you to join me in a journey of gratitude towards finding your 'Word of the Year.'

On this Mindset Monday podcast episode, I discuss the process of identifying your word or phrase for the new year and how to accomplish your yearly goals.

I also share four important reflective questions to help you achieve clarity. You'll also find strategies for completing tasks, such as renegotiating timelines, creating new strategies, and finding an accountability partner.

Here's a quick glance at the episode:

00:08 Introduction and Welcome Back

01:02 Behind the Spotlight Podcast: New Beginnings

01:28 Mindset Monday: A New Weekly Podcast

01:42 The Hiatus: A Season of Stillness

02:35 Newsletter and Exclusive Insights

04:05 Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

05:00 Women on the Rise Series Continuation

05:23 Checking In: How Are You Really?

06:52 Identifying Your Word or Phrase of the Year

27:57 The Power of Gratitude

36:07 Thank You and Upcoming Announcements

38:57 Final Thoughts and Motivational Quote

First Things First – Celebrate Your Wins

To set the stage right for the upcoming year, we must first acknowledge our triumphs from the year gone. Reflect on what you're proud of - that new gym routine you finally managed to adhere to, the projects you completed, the forgiveness you extended. Perhaps you opened a new business, or maybe you showed up to work on time consistently.

Take Stock of the Incomplete

Our journey toward growth involves navigating through the unfinished tasks. These could be latent plans to open a business, a workout regime left in between, or a personal development course collecting digital dust. Emergency viewing aside, let's recognize what we haven't completed in 2023 and set clear intentions for their completion in 2024.

The Road To Completion

Once we've identified the areas of incompleteness, the next step is creating a game plan to bring those areas to fruition. The key here is consistency over perfection. Commit to the task in hand instead of dwelling on controlling every minute detail. An additional approach could be to renegotiate your timeline— shift deadlines, create a revised plan.

Remember, getting stuck in the idea of not completing something is not how progress happens. Be present in your process. You might choose to involve a mentor or a trusted friend to hold you accountable, or you might prefer to sit with your plans and quietly work on them.

The Power of Gratitude

The step that ties it all together is gratitude. Reflecting on your previous accomplishments can enforce a sense of gratitude and provide a push towards future accomplishments. Recognizing our blessings brings in a wave of positive energy, which in turn, can aid us in identifying what our word or phrase for the year should be.

A Challenge For You

Now that we have walked through the steps together, here's a challenge for you. Read out your grateful list every day for seven days and reflect on the mindset shifts that occur. And on the eighth day, share your experiences. You can choose to keep the reflections to yourself or manifest it by sharing with someone. I'm here for you either way.

This is your motivation to show up today, tomorrow, and every day. Who needs you on your A-game today? Let's step into 2024 with this mindset, ready to make an impact.

Say goodbye to the norms of societal pressured resolutions. Instead, pave your path with mindful thought and gratitude. You are ready for whatever 2024 throws your way. Keep Going!


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