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How to Lead with Purpose: Lindsay Freeman's Leadership Journey

This episode dives into the story of Lindsay Freeman, State Manager, Community Relations at Kansas Gas Service. Lindsay is not only a prominent figure in her community but also an inspiring leader, mentor, and advocate for women's leadership. Lindsay's leadership journey is a testament to the power of dedication and clear vision.

As she navigates through various leadership roles, including her current position at Kansas Gas Service, her path illustrates the importance of aspiring leaders making their ambitions known. Leadership is not without its challenges. Lindsay touches on the delicate balancing act of being a transparent leader while maintaining the confidence and respect of her team. She shares insights into the complexities leaders face today, from recruitment challenges to adapting to a changing workforce, proposing active listening and mutual understanding as key strategies to address these issues.

Here's a recap of the episode:

01:50 Spotlight on Lindsay Freeman: A Topeka Community Leader

03:21 From Payless to Community Engagement: Lindsay's Journey

08:11 Leadership Insights: Climbing the Ladder and Speaking Up

13:56 The Challenges and Responsibilities of Leadership

16:47 Meet Lindsey Freeman: A Glimpse Into Her Life

16:56 The Joy and Challenges of Motherhood

19:32 Embracing Foster Care: A Journey of Love and Challenges

24:51 Risk-Taking and Future Aspirations

27:31 Leadership Insights: Being Transparent and Kind

29:37 Finding Your Personal Mission Statement

Additionally, she opens up about her personal life, including her journey as a foster and adoptive parent, emphasizing the significance of risk-taking, advocacy for children in need, and the essence of following one's heart. Freeman hints at future aspirations, possibly in political office, reinforcing the message of growth, self-belief, and the power of being true to oneself.

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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