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Cultivating Creativity: The Journey of Martha B. Piland

In a world where women are carving their paths towards success and empowerment, Martha B. Piland stands out as a beacon of inspiration. With a rich history of entrepreneurship and a passion for uplifting women in business, Martha's journey is one filled with dedication, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

This episode features Martha B. Piland, founder of MB Piland Advertising and Banktastic. The conversation kicks off with Martha sharing her initial steps into entrepreneurship as a child teaching ballet, leading up to the establishment of her own advertising and marketing firm in 1998. She elaborates on the importance of a business plan, her drive for constant learning, and the significant role of discipline and time management in the success of her business.

Martha also highlights the value of having a supportive community for female entrepreneurs, sharing practical advice on setting up such groups and maintaining focus on one's mission. Further, Martha discusses 'Punctuating the Period' campaign aimed at addressing period poverty and aligning with her company's mission to improve community well-being. The episode also touches on how Martha's division, Banktastic, specifically caters to the unique marketing needs of financial institutions to make them relevant to millennials. Listeners are introduced to Martha's books, 'Culturing Creative' and 'Beyond Sticky', and her creative subscription box, 'Transfomotion', designed to stimulate innovation. Martha concludes by emphasizing the importance of faith and prayer in her life, advising listeners to believe in their capabilities and pursue their goals with tenacity.

Here's the recap of the episode:

01:23 Spotlight Series: Women in Business with Martha B. Piland

01:42 Martha's Entrepreneurial Journey and MB Piland Advertising

05:39 Marketing Wisdom: Clarity, Learning, and Growth

09:10 Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: Advice and Strategies

12:15 Building a Supportive Community for Women Entrepreneurs

15:23 Punctuating the Period Campaign: Making a Difference

20:49 Banktastic: Specializing in Financial Brand Marketing

24:23 Cultivating Creativity and Innovation with Transfer Motion in a Box

26:40 Exploring Martha's Books: Culturing Creative and Beyond Sticky

29:07 Martha's Personal Growth and Legacy

35:05 Closing Thoughts: Empowerment and Pursuing Your Goals

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