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Abbey Brown's Expert Advice on Entrepreneurship

Women On The Rise Series

Episode 4: December 27, 2023

In this candid conversation, Abbey Brown, an entrepreneur who owns two successful businesses in Topeka, discusses finding balance between family and work, overcoming challenges, and the joy of pursuing her passion.

Abbey shares insights about starting small in entrepreneurship, creating a team, and testing out products or ideas before taking big leaps. She also stresses the importance of establishing rhythms, routines, and supportive systems, like having specific non-working hours for family time.

In addition, Abbey shares her love for constant learning through podcasts and books as a way to keep evolving in her business knowledge.

Here's a glance at the episode:
01:00 Abbey's Journey into Event Planning
02:37 Transition from Corporate World to Entrepreneurship
02:46 The Birth of Brownstone and Milestone Market
03:59 Building a Successful Team and Business
05:25 Overcoming Challenges and Learning from Failures
05:51 The Importance of Continuous Learning and Failing Quickly
07:08 Maintaining Positivity and Overcoming Fears
08:27 Building a Team and Learning from Hiring Experiences
12:57 Personal Growth and Overcoming People Pleasing
20:25 Goal Setting and Future Thinking
21:28 Overcoming Fear and Embracing Opportunities
21:42 The Power of Saying No and Trusting Your Path
22:48 Embracing the Abundance Mindset
23:28 Dealing with Imitation in Business
24:18 Podcasts and Books for Personal and Business Growth
27:55 Balancing Business, Personal Life, and Motherhood
28:46 The Importance of Scheduling and Communication
32:42 Starting a Business While Raising Kids

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