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Being the Voice for Small Businesses: MAD Marketing Shares Their Story

Women on the Rise Series

Episode 5: January 3, 2024

The women behind MAD Marketing is Miranda Chavez-Hazim and Allison Beebe, who are the co-owners of MAD Marketing, a social media agency.

Miranda and Allison share how MAD Marketing was created, their journey of entrepreneurship, and how living in their passion for promoting local businesses has led to them being the voice for small businesses.

They also highlight the importance of collaboration, authenticity in social media marketing, and highlighting community events and businesses. Miranda and Alison also cover their personal struggles, lessons learned, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

MAD Marketing emphasizes the importance of jumping in when it comes to starting a business, while being prepared, setting boundaries, building expertise, and harnessing existing strengths.

Here's a recap of the episode:
00:14 Guest Introduction: The Women Behind MAD Marketing
01:28 The Birth of MAD Marketing: A Journey of Passion
03:56 The Power of Social Media in Business
05:16 The Impact of MAD Marketing: Building Trust and Authenticity
08:58 The Legacy of MAD Marketing: Supporting Small Businesses
12:46 Personal Stories: The Individual Journeys of the MAD Marketing Founders
19:37 Lessons from Entrepreneurship: Navigating Challenges and Building Success
22:28 Understanding Strengths and Weaknesses in a Partnership
22:45 The Importance of Trust in a Business Relationship
23:19 The Journey of Continuous Learning and Improvement
23:43 Navigating the Challenges of Technology in Business
24:26 Finding Your Niche and Building Strategic Partnerships
24:58 The Role of Social Media in Business
26:01 Embracing Change and Overcoming Fear
26:48 Reflecting on Past Experiences and Lessons Learned
29:56 The Power of Saying 'No' and Setting Boundaries
30:48 The Importance of Authenticity and Self-Care in Business
36:32 Taking the Leap into Entrepreneurship
38:07 Avoiding Exploitation in Business

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