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Abby Wempe on Parenthood, Entrepreneurship, and Redefining Success

Women On The Rise Series
Episode 1: December 6, 2023
This episode dives into the journey of Abby Wempe, a successful event planner and entrepreneur who is now transitioning to interior design.

Abby shares her highs and lows in entrepreneurship, her experiences in balancing motherhood with being a wife and business owner, and her new chapter in interior design. She talks about the lessons learned from feeling alone in her journey and the importance of creating a support network.

Abby also opens up about redefining her definition of success, shifting focus from financial gain to creating a beautiful world and a lasting impact on people around her.

Here's a glance at this episode:

02:44 The Challenges and Rewards of Entrepreneurship
04:45 Balancing Entrepreneurship and Motherhood
06:59 The Struggles of Feeling Alone in Entrepreneurship
16:46 The Importance of Community and Support in Business
18:13 Reflecting on Personal Growth and Lessons Learned
22:54 Questioning Myself and My Purpose
23:40 Finding Confidence in My Purpose
24:31 The Journey to Self-Trust and Authenticity
26:23 The Struggles and Joys of Motherhood
27:31 Who Am I Beyond My Profession?
28:41 Stepping into a New Chapter
28:54 The Transition to a New Role
29:49 The Importance of Community and Connection
30:57 Embracing Change and New Beginnings
35:16 Reflecting on Success and Future Goals
37:09 Redefining Success and Priorities
39:42 Leaving a Legacy of Beauty

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