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Danielle J Martin, Podcast Coach
Danielle J Martin, Podcast Coach

​Join me on a journey towards Greatness. 


With my mission to turn your thoughts into action, I want to help you succeed in your life, career, and your business goals.

Get ready to Thrive in Excellence!

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Podcast Tips for Online Business
TK Business Magazine, DJM, Podcast Tips

"I'm passionate about helping others use their voice."

I am someone who enjoys teaching others how to use their voice to make a meaningful impact. As a Woman of Faith, I'm here to guide you on a transformative journey to live in your authentic self.

How Did I Get Here? My "idea" of living out the dream of being a News Anchor took an unexpected turn, leading me to create a dynamic platform guided by Faith and a Passion for Storytelling. Hosting my very own podcast, "Behind The Spotlight," has sparked a movement where I inspire and empower women to create a ripple of change in their own lives, encouraging them to amplify their voices and share their unique stories.

Welcome to my world,
Where Mindset Mee
ts Action

Are you ready to take action?
Here are ways we can partner together to lead you take action and to create the impact you desire.
TK Business Magazine, DJM, Podcast Tips
Danielle J Martin, Podcast Coach, Tips on Podcast

Your Story


Ready to share your story with the world? Together, we'll turn your ideas into a powerful message that will inspire others and help you achieve your goals. 


We feature stories in the areas of Business, Leadership, and Personal Growth. Speak up now! If you need help telling it, don't worry - I got you!

Danielle J Martin, Podcast Coach

In Yourself

Danielle J Martin, Podcast Coach, Tips on Podcast


Do you need help with Starting a Podcast and/or Mastering your Brand? I've got you covered.


I have a comprehensive course for you to amplify your business message, develop your vocal and interview skills, and have strategies for you to expand your online business.

Danielle J Martin, Women Empowerment Coach

For You! 

Danielle J Martin, Podcast Coach, Tips on Podcast
Danielle J Martin, Podcast Coach, Tips on Podcast

A safe space

Make connections to learn and grow with like-minded women who desire to elevate their lives, careers, and businesses. 


Staying plugged into a Community of Growth, Join our Elevate Community Membership.

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Be A Guest On The Show

Behind The Spotlight


Have an inspiring story to tell?

Behind the Spotlight Podcast is always looking for Entrepreneurs, Founders, CEOs, Executive Leaders, Authors, Innovators and Changemakers to share their journey. 

If that's you, we want to hear from you.

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Your Story Matters to me. . . Your Purpose Matters, too!

As a TV & Podcast host, I strive to create conversations that challenge and inspire us all. My work is centered around promoting Faith, Integrity, Authenticity, & Vulnerability in everything I do. Together, we can break down barriers and overcome obstacles to pursue our true potential.


Join me on this journey, and let's strive toward Greatness.

Guided by Purpose, Fueled by Passion

Every story has a perspective that can help others along their personal and professional journey. 


"Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are." 

-Brene Brown


Why should I start a podcast?

The time is now!
Don't miss the opportunity! 

This is a Business Asset You Need!

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